MI-NET organisation

Management Committee
Responsible for ensuring the coordination, implementation and management of the Action as well as supervising the appropriate location and use of the funds.

For details of the countries associated with MI-NET and profiles of our Management Committee members plus their substitutes please see our who is who pages.

Core group
Responsible for achieving the scientific objectives as defined in the MoU. Composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, WG leaders, Grant Holder ECI coordinator, COST Policy Manager, Dissemination Manager, and STSM coordinator.

Working Groups
Responsible for new study groups and industry workshops (WG1, Industrial Workshops), Modelling workshops, internships and STSMs (WG2, Education & Training), editing reports and identifying funding opportunities (WG3, Case Studies), and promotion of new members (WG4, Membership & Publicity).

gasChair – Dr Joanna Jordan
Vice-Chair – Professor Dietmar Hoemberg
STSM Coordinator – Professor Tim Myers

Grant Holder/Project Manager – Dr Filipa Vance
COST Science Officer, Dr Mafalda Quintas
COST Administrative Officer, Ms Rose Cruz Santos

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