MI-Net has strived for promoting collaboration in, and the benefits of, industrial mathematics. The Action has run Study Groups with Industry and Industrial Workshops, MI-Net has supported Modelling Weeks as training activities and short-term scientific missions, aiming to increase the interaction between industry and academia.

Industrial Workshops

23 Industrial Workshops with 1500 participants have been organised in 11 European countries and Israel with 1500 participants altogether. Here, up-to-date mathematical methods have been presented and discussed in the framework of industrial applications, among them first time events in Macedonia, Cyprus, Israel and Switzerland.

European Study Groups with Industry

MI-Net has supported 21 European Study Groups with Industry (ESGIs). These are Europe’s leading workshops bringing together mathematicians and industrial companies. Companies submit mathematical problems to solve and participants work in groups around each problem, presenting the results of their efforts at the end of the week.

Short Term Scientific Missions

MI-Net has supported 51 Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) to academic and non-academic partners. They have been used primarily to support research visits to complete a piece of follow up work after the attendance of a Study Group, to prepare a joint application for funding, or to co-author a peer- reviewed, journal publication.

Modelling Weeks (MWs)

To familiarise students with some of the standard techniques of industrial mathematics, MI-Net has funded 12 Modelling Weeks. The typical format is for about 6 students per team to work on carefully prepared real-world problems advised by experienced researchers with a strong track record of successful collaboration with industry.


By exploiting innovative concepts of industrial and applied mathematics MI-Net has provided European industry with a competitive advantage. Handbooks how to run Study Groups and Modelling Weeks have been developed together with a case study booklet comprising success stories of MI-Net funded cooperation between academia and industry.