WG3 Case Studies

Working Group leaders: Dr Katerina Kaouri and Dr Andreas Binder

The objective of the Case Studies WG is to maximise the quality of the technical reports for industry, ESGI case studies, and Industrially-hosted STSM case studies, as described in section C of the MoU. For each Study Group and STSM to industry supported by this Action, the WG Leader will appoint one member of this WG to act as editor of his or her case study. The editor will be responsible for providing advice on issues such as publication venues and company confidentiality, and publishing reports on the Action website.

WG Members: Dr Marya Bazzi, Dr Sinead Burke, Dr Ian Griffiths, Dr Marin Lujak, Dr Nikos Ploskas,  Prof Rene Pinnau, Prof Peregrina Quintela Estévez

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