Short Term Scientific Missions

STSMs are exchange visits to an institution or laboratory in another COST country that is part of this Action. Their aim is to foster collaboration and sharing of new techniques and infrastructures, which may not be available at another participant’s institution or laboratory. Visits can last between 5-90 days for an established researcher and 5-180 days for an early career investigator (up to 8 years post PhD).

·        Strengthen existing COST Actions
·        Support scientists to visit other institutions or laboratories
·        Foster collaborations to learn a new technique, gain access to specific data, instruments and/or methods not available at their own institutions/laboratories.

Who can apply?
Preference will be given to Early Career Investigators (up to 8 years post-PhD) and visits to or from Industry. Any other industrial mathematics related visit will be considered, for example to complete a piece of follow up work after a Study Group, prepare a joint application for funding or co-author a peer-reviewed, journal publication. Applications where another MI-NET objective is fulfilled (i.e. introductory lecture, participation in a Modeling Week, Study Group etc) will be viewed favourably.
Please consult the ‘Application Guidelines’ before completing an ‘Application Form’.

Assessment Criteria
Applications will be evaluated, by the STSM committee as appointed by MI-NET’s Management Committee, according to their ability to fulfill the objectives set out above.

Funds Available
An STSM grant is a fixed financial contribution and does not necessarily cover all expenses related to performing any given mission. Maximum funding is EUR 2,000. Eligible costs include: travel, accommodation and meals.

Within 4 weeks of the end of the stay, the applicant must provide a one-page summary of the visit for publication on the MI-NET website.

Please note: All activities will have to take place before 30th April 2019.


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