Modelling Weeks

Modelling weeks are widely used to train students in mathematical modelling and to stimulate their collaborative and communication skills, in a multinational and multidisciplinary environment. To achieve this, mathematics students from all over Europe work together for one week to solve problems generated by industry, where the term “industry” may include Engineering, Material Sciences, Aeronautic, Biotechnologies, Optimization of processes, Transports, Services, Medicine and any other activity which has an economic or societal value.

·                Train students in mathematical modelling
·                Develop collaborative and communication skills for mathematics students
·                Increase the technology transfer between application areas
·                Increase awareness for the applications of mathematics to Industry

Who can apply?
Any educational center (University or other Higher Education Institution) from a COST country that is part of Action TD1409. Please consult the ‘Application Guidelines’ before completing an ‘MWsApplication Form’.

Assessment Criteria
Applications will be evaluated, by the Education and Training Working Group as appointed by MI-NET’s Management Committee, according to their ability to fulfill the objectives set out above.

Funds Available
Maximum funding is 10000 EUR per modelling week.

Eligible costs can include: hosting of the event (venue, refreshments, printing, consumables, etc) plus instructors and participants’ travel and subsistence expenses.

At the end of the meeting, the organisers will have to provide the Education and Training Working Group with all technical reports from each problem discussed together with a signed attendance list of participants.

Please note: All activities will have to take place between 1st May 2018 and 30th April 2019 (Grant Period 4).
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