WG2 Education and Training

Working Group leaders: Prof Alessandra Micheletti and Dr Joost Rommes

This WG will be responsible for issuing calls for proposals for Modelling Weeks and STSMs, as described in the MoU. Received proposals will be submitted to the MC for assessment.

For each Modelling Week assisted by this Action, the WG Leader will appoint one member of this WG to oversee the activity. These oversight duties will include helping the local organisers to advertise widely and recruit young researchers fairly, ensuring a diverse range of international participants. The WG Leader will assign one WG member to act as a point of contact for each STSM supported by this Action.

Finally, this WG will advertise and offer support for researchers to attend events organised by the Industrial Workshops WG.

WG members: Prof Efstathios Antoniou (EL), Dr Tatjana Atanasova-Pacemska (MK), Prof Raimondas Čiegis (LT), Prof Poul Hjorth (DK), Dr Tihomir Ivanov (BG), Dr Yirmeyahu Kaminski (IL), Prof Vasileios Kostoglou (EL), Prof Peep Miidla (EE), Dr Hanifeh Khayyeri (SE), Prof Tim Myers (ES), Prof Wojciech Okrasinski (PL).

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