WG1 Industrial Workshops

Working Group leaders: Dr Adérito Araujo and Ms Margarida Pina

The members of this WG will primarily be experienced organisers of, or industrial participators in, European Study Groups with Industry (ESGIs) or similar problem-solving workshops. This WG will be responsible for issuing calls for proposals for ESGIs and themed workshops as described in the MoU, and submitting received proposals to the MC for assessment.

For each workshop assisted by this Action, the WG Leader will assign one WG member to oversee planning and organisational structures, and two further WG members to act as advisors to the workshop’s local organisation committee. This advice will include help with advertising, establishing industrial contacts, selecting suitable problems, inviting experienced participants, and planning follow-up activities.

WG members: Dr Miguel Bustamante (IE), Dr Johan Hoffman (SE), Dr Yirmeyahu Kaminski (IL), Dr Rada Novakovic (IT), Dr Vivi Rottschäfer (NL), Prof Stephen O’Brien (IE), Prof Wojciech Okrasinski (PL), Dr Agnieszka Wylomanska (PL)

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