Industrial Workshops

The aim of this initiative is to increase activity in industrial mathematics across Europe. Six events per year will be supported at any level (local, national and international).

An Industrial Workshop is typically a one-day meeting that brings together academic and industrial researchers/practitioners providing the opportunity for:
·       networking,
·       exchanging ideas,
·       problem-solving, and/or
·       identification of areas for collaboration.
The format of the meeting is flexible, and could, for example, be organised around a scientific theme or an industry sector.

Who can apply?
Academic researchers or industrial practitioners from a COST country that is part of Action TD1409. Please consult the ‘Application Guidelines’ before completing an application form.
Applications to host a workshop in a COST Inclusiveness Target Country are particularly encouraged.

Assessment Criteria
Applications will be evaluated, by the Industrial Workshop Committee as appointed by MI-NET’s Management Committee. Awards will be made based on the applications which best meet the objectives of the Action.

Funds Available
Maximum funding is 1000 EUR.

At the end of the meeting, the organisers will have to provide the Industrial Workshop Committee with a one page summary report of the meeting, for publication on the MI-NET website, together with a signed attendance list of participants.

Please note: All activities will have to take place between 1st May 2018 and 30th April 2019 (Grant Period 4).






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