Enabling European collaboration in industrial maths

MI-NET – the EU COST Action Mathematics for Industry Network hosted by IMI – was delighted to support the first ever Study Group (problem-solving workshop) with Industry in Cyprus last month.

The workshop, 125th in the European series, brought together 50 academics from 17 different countries to work intensively for a week on tackling four real Cypriot industry challenges using mathematical thinking. From automatically generating the instructions for constructing a given toy from a kit of parts to optimising bus routes in urban Nicosia, there was a great selection of challenges for mathematicians to work on.


The Chair of ESGI 125 and MI-NET Management Committee Member for Cyprus, Dr Katerina Kaouri from the Cyprus University of Technology, commented on MI-NET’s key role:

“MI-NET funding has been catalytic for the development of industrial mathematics in Cyprus. In addition to the financial and organisational support of ESGI125, the Annual Meeting of MI-NET being held in Cyprus in the same week enabled several internationally-leading experts in industrial mathematics to participate in the ESGI125 and in various meetings with policy-makers.”

On the results obtained from the workshop, Andreas Athanasiades, General Manager of the Transport Organisation of Nicosia District (OSEL) said:

“Once again thank you very much for the report. I would like to congratulate everyone in the team and express my gratitude for all the hard work and the dedication that you have put in this project. I hope that I will be able to utilize this work for the benefit of public transportation in Cyprus and that it can cause as much impact as it should.”

For more photos from the week, please see the Study Group with Industry Cyprus Facebook page.

In the last year MI-NET has supported 6 industrial workshops, 2 mathematical modelling weeks, 5 Study Groups with Industry and 12 research visits across Europe, and is pleased to be sponsoring the First Israeli Modelling Week, to be held in July 2017.

To view MI-NET’s programme of industrial maths activities, and apply for research networking funding, see MI-NET’s event and funding pages.

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