ESGI 142 – Mathematical Solutions in Business and Industry

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We are pleased to announce MI-NET’s support, in partnership with Kaunas University of Technology, to the ESGI 142 “Mathematical Mathematical Solutions in Business and Industry”.

The goal of this week-long meeting is to promote cooperation between business and science in order to solve business problems by using mathematical methods. This workshop will bring together researchers and business representatives for solving real-world problems that modern companies face.

If your company faces a challenge for which you are looking a solution, if you look forward to run the company more effectively or are seeking for a brand new ideas please tell us about that by filling in the online registration form and provide your problem for scientists. For more information please click here.

Scientists who want to participate will have to register until 15th of March 2018 by filling in the online form. Scientists and doctoral students are invited to register for the event if they work in areas of mathematics and informatics. For more information please click here.


If you would like to learn more about European Study Groups with Industry or find out about future meetings please visit the ECMI website.


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