Industrial Workshop AICA 2016: Logroño (Spain), 21st June 2016


This was the third AICA (“Aplicaciones Industriales del Álgebra Computacional”) Industrial Workshop organized by the Red-EACA. This third AICA Industrial Workshop is the natural continuation of those organized in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2013) and the Universidad de Granada (2011). It was held at the Centro Científico y Tecnológico of the Universidad de La Rioja (Logroño) on June 21st, 2016 with partial support from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, under the Acciones de Dinamización “Redes de Excelencia” MTM2014-56142-REDT.

AICA is a short industrial workshop that focuses on transfering knowledge from mathematical subjects close to the interests of the Red-EACA. The scientific committee of the Red-EACA acts as scientific committee for this industrial workshop.

The meeting was locally organised by the Computer Science team of Universidad de La Rioja (Spain). 40 participants from 4 countries attended this event. The programme included 6 plenary talks:


“Multivariate Adaptive Splines: Theory and Applications”,  Bert JüttlerInstitute of Applied Geometry, JKU – Germany




“Runtime Verification of Real-Time Properties of JamaicaVM” [pdf available here], Clemens BallarinInstitut für Informatik, Technische Universität München – Germany




“Application of Autoregressive Linear Models. Production Forecast in Wind Farms”, César González, Deimos- Spain



“Application of Multisensor Fusion Algorithms. Vessel Traffic Service”, Irene López, Deimos – Spain



“Data Fusion Algorithms for Low Cost Navigation Systems”, María Campo Cossío, CTC -Spain





“Some applications of Computer Algebra to Transportation Engineering”, Eugenio Roanes, Universidad Complutense de Madrid – Spain



In addition to the plenary talks,a poster session was held during the workshop. Finally, the last event of the workshop was a discussion panel with companies of the region and EACA researchers.

We grateful acknowledge (COST Action TD1409) MI-NET‘s support.


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