Short Term Scientific Mission – Dr Liebrecht

From March 6 to 12, Michael Liebrecht visited Prof. Esa Räsänen at the Tampere University of Technology (Tampere, Finland).
His Short Term Scientific Mission was funded by the COST Action „Mathematics for industry network (MI-NET)“ to establish a colloboration between Prof. Räsänen’s group and MathConsult on the field of computational condensed matter physics.
The visit was mainly planned as a workshop to exchange knowledge about low-dimensional electronic systems and their experimental setups, to get a basic understanding of the involved physics as well as to talk about the most suitable methods to deal with the numerical challenges in describing them. 
We made such good progress that it was even possible for us to start calculating band structures of Kekulé-distorted molecular graphene flakes of various different sizes experiencing a homogenous magnetic field.



In the figure, the electron density of a regular molecular graphene flake is shown in comparison to a Kekulé-distorted one.






In the figure, the density of states of a regular Kekulé-distorted graphene flake is shown as function of the magnetic field.




The visit was such a big success that the collaboration will be further intensify, leading to several joint scientific publications.

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