Outreach and Science Communication – The Mediterranean Science Festival



Why do we grow old? …Should we get vaccinated?…Why isn’t everyone left-handed?…What is the world’s oldest computer?…Why do leopards have spots?

The 1st Mediterranean Science Festival, was organized for the first time in Limassol, Cyprus, from 3-6 December 2015.
Following the motto “Discover Science in our Everyday Life!”, the Mediterranean Science Festival was aimed at young children, students, and people of every age who love and are interested in science, technology, and innovation. In four days, 9,300 visitors, of whom more than 4,000 were children, discovered our fascinating world through 140 original and entertaining activities which included a very large interactive exhibition, live experiments, workshops, training games, theatrical performances, screenings, talks and lively discussions, by distinguished Cypriot, and foreign scientists and educators.

The MSF was organised by the non-profit educational organisation SciCo-Cyprus and the Research Promotion Foundation,  with the co-organisation of the Youth Board of Cyprus, and the participation of the educational and research community of the country as well as a multitude of organizations, institutions, non-governmental organizations, associations, etc. Dr Katerina Kaouri, MC member of MI-NET, is a Co-founder and Co-Director of the Mediterranean Science Festival and of SciCo Cyprus.

organises and supports events and activities in science communication, informing and educating the public about new scientific and technological developments via innovative interactive tools and entertaining methods.

Here is a short video that captures the (festive) atmosphere at the Mediterranean Science Festival.

Note that the entrance was free, thanks to 90 enthusiastic volunteers.

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