Why is industrial mathematics important? A country’s view – Montenegro

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 15.52.50Montenegro can be considered to be a small country and therefore there is a quite small mathematical community. On the other hand, as a consequence of the events over the past 20 years which influenced all the Balkans, the industry itself had a declining trend, which we hope will begin to change.

As a team of at mathematicians in academic community, we are very open and interested in diverse mathematical applications (in particular in industry).

We are aware of the fact that the approach to mathematics (through general studies of mathematics, polytechnics, engineering school etc.) remains to be quite abstract. We believe that it is very important to include applications in mathematics at this level through teaching and to make an accent on the importance of mathematics in different sciences and in industry as well.

In order to do that, it is important to have knowledge of the existence of the significant share of mathematics in industry and then to be able to show it, through right examples of applications. This will finally enable us to provide a greater number of trained graduates with problem solving skills.

Since MI-NET action aims to create a Europe-wide partnership to promote collaboration in, and the benefits of, industrial mathematics, it is of great importance for Montenegro, which industry is recovering and straightening only over the last decade to be able to include this collaboration and to be able to point out the great impact of application of mathematics to all industrial sectors.

MI-NET could support Montenegro by eventually organizing training sessions for some defined problems in industry, that can be solved by applying mathematics, that will be open for students, colleagues in academic community, and colleagues in industry as well.

Even though our individual research in mathematics is not necessarily focused on industry problems, we are very interested to be actively involved so that we can contribute to the academic community to have better understanding of connection between mathematics and industry.

Nela Milošević

About the Author:

Nela Milosevic is an Assistant Professor at University of Donja Gorica in Montenegro. Nela is an internationally educated mathematician working as an Assistant Professor. Loves teaching, traveling and solving puzzles.


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