Study Groups with Industry – Application Guidelines

The guidance provided in this document does not replace or affect any of the administrative requirements and contractual obligations contained in the COST Vademecum and the MI-NET COST Action Grant Agreement.

Study Groups are internationally recognized as problem-solving forums for knowledge transfer. Traditionally, industrialists bring a problem to one of these week-long brainstorming workshops that are attended by a group of mathematicians with varied expertise. It is anticipated that by the end of the week a first step towards a solution for the problem has been identified so that a strategy for further work can be devised.
Study Groups attract companies from different sectors and sizes and provide a convenient and low-risk method for SMEs to access academic expertise.

Any researcher based at an European Institution in a participating COST Country (or Near Neighbour Country or Reciprocal Country) is eligible to organize and host an ESGI.

Duration/Support Available
Maximum funding is 10000 EUR per meeting held in a country that has not hosted an ESGI before. For all other cases it will be 5000 EUR.

The following costs are eligible for support from COST:

  • Room and technical equipment rental;
  • Photocopying, printing of programmes, flyers, book of abstracts, proceedings, application forms, draft report etc.;
  • Phone, fax, mailing costs for announcements, letters of confirmation;
  • Personnel – staff involvement – or temporary recruitment of a secretary if necessary, or services of a Congress organising agency (if the Meeting/Workshop/Conference is very large);
  • Local transport – e.g. bus for field trips;
  • Coffee breaks and light refreshments;
  • One conference meal if deducted from the daily allowance of the reimbursed participants.

Non-eligible costs
VAT and any other indirect taxes are non-eligible costs.
Contributions from other sources to the organisation of the ESGI shall also appear on the request (e.g. registration fees, sponsorship, contribution of Local Organiser or others).
Once the request has been approved, the Grant Holder will inform the Local Organiser as to the level of approved financing.

Application Process
All applications must be made by a representative of the candidate host’s Educational Center as per the steps described below:

  1. All applicants must complete an ESGIsApplication Form and submit it to the e-mail stated on the form.
  2. The application will then be assessed by members of the MI-NET Management Committee.
  3. The applicant will be formally notified of the outcome of their application. Only one application per applicant/country will be considered.

Requirements and Obligations
All candidate organizers, the Local Organizers (LO), must:

  1. Set up a web page with registration details, accommodation and travel information.
  2. Make available, through a dedicated website and within 5 months of holding the ESGI:
    1. Description of the problems discussed
    2. List of participants
    3. Media output
    4. Technical reports/proceedings
    5. Responses from companies such as reports, letters or questionnaires.
  3. Provide a signed attendance list to the Grant Holder so that payment can be processed. Please note that the COST Association can request additional information to substantiate the information contained within the documents submitted by Local Organizers.
  4. Complete an application form in English.

 Applications can be made at any time.
All events taking place during the first phase of the COST Action must be completed by 30 April 2016. Applications can be submitted for subsequent financial years at any point.