And now there are 29!

As we get ready for our next Management Committee meeting we are greeted with the news that Norway has just joined our Mathematics for Industry Network! We welcome Professor Elena Celledoni, Professor of Mathematics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Dr Svenn Anton Halvorsen, Chief Scientist at Teknova. Professor Celledoni’s research field is in numerical analysis and in particular structure preserving algorithms for differential equations and geometric numerical integration. Dr Halvorsen has an interest in process understanding and industrial use of mathematical models. Because of his long and relevant experience he now has great knowledge on how to use mathematical models in industry.

Since our first Management Committee meeting in Brussels in May 2015 we have been joined by an extra 7 countries: Norway, as mentioned above, Croatia, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey. We extend this warm welcome to our ‘new’ colleagues!

Watch this space for more news in due course.

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